08 June, 2011

Irish banks?

Does anyone know of a bank that will loan for an Irish property?
can either be in Ireland or other?

I found it! My dream cottage!!

Thanks to the help and kindness of a friend, I have found
the cottage of my dreams!!  It is well below the price I can
afford, it has the land my hubby wants, nice big garden,
and has plenty of room for guests.  The perfect cottage!

But....... The banks aren't lending!  It is a very small amount
but I don't have that kind of cash on hand.  Isn't that always
the way of it! LOL!

Oh well,  maybe it will still be around when the economy
picks up again.  And maybe then I can get the loan then :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  I am still
caring for my sick grandmother but I will be home soon and
will continue to update you on a few new Irish topics I
exploring....Donegal and Irish cottage floorplans.

Happy summer friends!!!

04 June, 2011

Beautiful Donegal

Beautiful Donegal is one of my favorite places to visit.
I love the wild scenery and fun towns and the cousins
that we visit while there.

This month I will be covering some of the houses I
would love to have in Donegal, a few facts on this
county, and possibly some of my previous vacation

I am also working on my favorite cottage floorplans
and hope to have that up for everyone to enjoy soon.

Here are a few great links to some of my favorite houses
in County Donegal.

Which one is your favorite?  Which one should I buy?
(remember I am still dreaming here :)




Have a great June!!