04 June, 2011

Beautiful Donegal

Beautiful Donegal is one of my favorite places to visit.
I love the wild scenery and fun towns and the cousins
that we visit while there.

This month I will be covering some of the houses I
would love to have in Donegal, a few facts on this
county, and possibly some of my previous vacation

I am also working on my favorite cottage floorplans
and hope to have that up for everyone to enjoy soon.

Here are a few great links to some of my favorite houses
in County Donegal.

Which one is your favorite?  Which one should I buy?
(remember I am still dreaming here :)




Have a great June!!

1 comment:

All things nice... said...

Oh I like the cottage in the first link most, the second cottage is nice too but as it is 2 storey it is much bigger. Hope your search is going well :) I too love Donegal

All things nice...