20 November, 2012

Live traditional Irish Music today!! Happy Day!

I just saw this on my facebook page and on my friend Magnumlady's blog and thought
I would share this link for Traditional Irish music that will be broadcasted live today
(or night if you are in Ireland) on Irelandwesttrad.com.
 It looks wonderful! I can't wait to watch it :)


If you are unable to watch the webcast tonight you should still check out their
wonderful webpage that contains loads of information on West Ireland, Ireland
travel, etc.,

Have a happy day!!

17 November, 2012


Every day I think that the trees can't get any prettier
and then the next day they change to an even more
magnificent color. Beauty is all around us and once
again it has taken my breath away!

Tomorrow I will add a photo from my side garden where all
the trees are turning a fiery red. I believe I may also have a bush
called "The burning bush"....

15 November, 2012

Christmas or Holiday gift Idea?

Looking for a small Christmas or Holiday gift?

How about one of my Cottage Magnets? They are made
from a real image of an Irish Cottage in County Kerry
that I took a photo of and painted.

Or how about customizable Holiday Cards?

They come in different colors and have one of two greetings.
Or you can customize to a Holiday greeting of your choosing.

 From Our Hearth to Yours
        Merry Christmas


An Irish Christmas Blessing

The light of the Christmas star to you
The warmth of home and hearth to you
The cheer and good will of friends to you
The hope of a childlike heart to you
The joy of a thousand angels to you
The love of the Son and God's peace to you.

Bless our Irish Home Magnet


14 November, 2012

Less of a cottage more of a Bungalow

I am writing you today from my sweet little cottage  bungalow
in the woods. I didn't buy the cottage of my dreams but I did
buy the sweetest little house. It is less of a cottage and more
of a bungalow. I may actually have to look up bungalow just
to make sure it is even a bungalow!

Anyway, we will just call it a cottage. It is very cottage like
inside. I have a pellet stove and a long bench to sit and enjoy
the fire. I also have walls that are painted a cheerful yellow.

I am happy here. I am surrounded by beauty. I have my
doggies and the ones that I love. It may not be the cottage
in Ireland that I dreamed of, endlessly talked about, searched
Ireland and the web for...  but it is sure another kind of dream
come true. It is my own slice of paradise!

My site will no longer be dedicated to me finding the cottage
of my dreams. It will be a place to talk about myself (ya know
how I love to talk about myself), Ireland, genealogy,
but mostly a place to list lovely cottages that I come across.

Who knows, maybe I will find the cottage of your dreams!

P.S. If you have a cottage for sales and would like me to include
just send me a message and I will happily list it here for you :)

09 November, 2012

Oh Sorry!!

Opps!  Sorry to all my feed friends..
I either hit the right button or the wrong one
but none-the-less some of my content has
been sent out to all of you.

Good news is that I am back and I have a new
posting on a lovely cottage...bad news is you
will have to spend  sometime deleting all the
messages I have flooded your inbox with.

I am sorry!! :(

For my Cottage Loving Friends

Hello to all my Cottage loving friends! It has been a long time hasn't it.

So what would bring me out of retirement? 

You guessed it!! A sweet little cottage of course!

I have a wonderful cottage to share with you today called
Shamrock Cottage. It is located in beautiful Tramore,
County Waterford.

Waterford is a lovely place and this little cottage is
definitely a dream come true for anyone wanting to
have a sweet cottage so ideally located in town.
Plus the garden has the most spectacular views!!

The photos alone from the website made me want to
hop on a plane right now and check it all out.  But sadly,
I am tied up with so much right now and will have to
rely on y'all to head on over there and buy this cottage!!

I went off on a tangent again! sorry! You know how I
get about wonderful cottages!! ... So anyway, if having
a cottage of your own has been one of your dreams then
this one may very well be the one for you!


Check out the link above for the information on the town
and price of the cottage. A good deal to be had!!

Best wishes, Cottage girl