09 November, 2012

For my Cottage Loving Friends

Hello to all my Cottage loving friends! It has been a long time hasn't it.

So what would bring me out of retirement? 

You guessed it!! A sweet little cottage of course!

I have a wonderful cottage to share with you today called
Shamrock Cottage. It is located in beautiful Tramore,
County Waterford.

Waterford is a lovely place and this little cottage is
definitely a dream come true for anyone wanting to
have a sweet cottage so ideally located in town.
Plus the garden has the most spectacular views!!

The photos alone from the website made me want to
hop on a plane right now and check it all out.  But sadly,
I am tied up with so much right now and will have to
rely on y'all to head on over there and buy this cottage!!

I went off on a tangent again! sorry! You know how I
get about wonderful cottages!! ... So anyway, if having
a cottage of your own has been one of your dreams then
this one may very well be the one for you!


Check out the link above for the information on the town
and price of the cottage. A good deal to be had!!

Best wishes, Cottage girl

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