17 January, 2013

Green or Red?

To paint or not to paint? Seems to be the question
around here lately.

My new (new to me but old in general) cottagesque
bungalow (yes I just made up that word!)
has a very red room. It is not quite burgundy and
it is not quite blood red.

This color is nice enough, I guess. Yet I often
wonder if a pistachio green with white trim would
be calmer? 

This room was intended to be a dinning room. Does
anyone use those anymore? Anyway, red for a
dinning room is fun. But for an office it is kinda 
violent? Well, I have seen red offices now that I 
think about it.... 

My little office that comes off of a medium yellow
living space has big, wide window looking out on a
tree filled garden.

I love this room and I often sit in here looking
out over the garden or I lounge in the olive
green chair and read a book or watch tv on the
internet. But it seems that everytime I am in here
I think about other colors and it tends to 
fill my thoughts..

So I guess just in the act of writing this I have
talked myself into painting another room!

So what color?  Pistachio green, medium green,
white? mmmm.