22 March, 2015

Irish Cottage on the Mountain Top

Hello again! It has been awhile, hasn't it? So glad to be back!

Here I sit in my Irish Cottage in the woods. If you would have asked me where I would now be 4 years ago, I wouldn't have been here. I should be sitting in my Irish Cottage somewhere near family In Donegal or near friends in Leitrim. Definitely not in a cottage in the woods. 

Life has a way of messing with you. Putting you on a different path. Giving you something you didn't know you needed.  

Going forward, I will be now writing about how I am making this cottage into my Irish Cottage Dream outside of Ireland. My future trips to Ireland and of coarse all things Irish! I still have Ireland in my future but I am choosing to live in the present and make something wonderful of my newest adventures! Stick around, it might be fun!

Looking out my front door

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